The Soft Moon Announces 'Deeper' LP for Captured Tracks, Shares New Track

The Soft Moon Announces 'Deeper' LP for Captured Tracks, Shares New Track
Way back in January of this year, the Soft Moon shared a new track called "Feel." It only took 11 months, but now we know that the single was leading up to a follow-up to the band's 2012 effort Zeros.

The new album is called Deeper and continues Luis Vasquez's sonic exploration as the Soft Moon. A press release indicates that he actually intended for Zeros to be his last release with Soft Moon as a solo project, but he quickly realized that he was meant to work alone.

In fact, the press release indicates that "during the writing process, Vasquez pushed himself to discover the reality and nightmare of living with yourself, in entirely foreign surroundings with nothing and no one to fall back on."

The album was recorded at Hate Studios in Venice, where Vasquez worked with producer Maurizio Baggio. "I've never worked so closely with someone before," Vasquez said in a statement. "Working with Maurizio felt right and I completely opened up to him during the entire process. I finally felt the urge to express myself more verbally with this record and I was able to focus more on songwriting rather than just experimenting with soundscapes."

Captured Tracks will issue Deeper on March 31. Until then, you can stream the album's new teaser track "Black" below.


1. Inward
2. Black
3. Far
4. Wasting
5. Wrong
6. Try
7. Desertion
8. Without
9. Feel
10. Deeper
11. Being