Snotty Nose Rez Kids Find Self-Belief on "No Jesus Piece"

It's the latest preview of the duo's forthcoming album 'Life After'

BY Megan LaPierrePublished Sep 24, 2021

Just in time for cold and flu season, Snotty Nose Rez Kids are back with "No Jesus Piece" — another new single from their upcoming fourth full-length album Life After.

The Indigenous hip-hop duo are bringing a different kind of drip this time. Following previous singles "Wild Boy," "Uncle Rico" and "Something Else," Young D and Yung Trybez are clapping back at critics by betting on themselves.

In a statement, the rappers said of the track:

"No Jesus Piece" is a reference to embracing our own spiritual symbols. The Catholic church and the government of Canada used Catholicism as a tool of annihilation of Indigenous culture, practice, teachings and ways of being. We want to identify the connections between the importance of putting our faith in a sacred metal. While we respect people for having their own religions and religious symbols, we'd rather rock our copper shield.

Copper shields were considered the ultimate status symbol among Indigenous peoples of the Northwest coast, exchanged between chiefs at potlatch feasts. According to Haida tradition, the copper originally came from the territory of the Eyak people in Alaska's Copper River area, while Nuxalk legend says it came from the Tsonoqua, who had received it from Qomoqua — the master of wealth who resides in a copper house at the bottom of the sea.

With the continual unearthing of children's bodies from unmarked graves on the sites of previous residential schools in Canada, "No Jesus Piece" serves as a timely reminder of the Catholic church's crimes against Indigenous communities.

However, the song manages to still remain upbeat and fun, complete with a reference to Soulja Boy's breakout 2007 hit "Crank That (Soulja Boy)" — alongside nods to Dennis Rodman and UberEats, of course — over SNRK's signature skittering trap beats.

Watch the video for "No Jesus Piece" and check out the full Life After tracklist below.

SNRK recently featured on Exclaim!'s panel of Canadian artists discussing embracing change amid music industry upheaval.

Life After:

1. Grave Digger
2. Red Sky at Night
3. No Jesus Piece
4. If I Die Tonight
5. Uncle Rico
6. Bully Mode
7. Something Else
8. Change
9. Deja Vu
10. Wild Boy
11. Sink or Swim
12. Humble Me
13. After Dark

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