Snoop Lion "La La La" (video)

Snoop Lion 'La La La' (video)
There's something really cute about Snoop Lion palling around with a pint-sized cast of costumed children who grill him about his reggae-inspired name change, but the Dogg in him still pops up in the slightly scandalous new video for "La La La," the previously premiered dub track off his forthcoming Reincarnated LP.

The vid finds Snoop and his newly devoted tot fanbase walking around a movie set full of kid show-styled set pieces like a regal throne, and an arts and crafts-constructed arc of biblical proportions. Distancing itself from Yo! Gabba Gabba, the clip also features an animated pineapple blazing a joint and a banana that seems to enjoy towelling off its bikini zone a little too much.

Also, you think that pug was asked whether it was okay to bury it inside a cardboard coffin along the Snoop Lion?

Check out the zany clip below.

Reincarnated is expected to arrive early in 2013.