Snoh Aalegra

- Ugh, those feels again

BY A. HarmonyPublished Aug 15, 2019

Like its name implies, Snoh Aalegra's - Ugh, those feels again is an emotional rollercoaster. On it, the Swedish songstress is a master conductor, navigating the giddiness of budding romance, the crushing lows of heartbreak and the ultimate relief of finding solid love, with expert precision.
Like the best of old-school R&B, - Ugh, those feels again has a heavy hip-hop influence and an aura of feel-good innocence throughout, even on darker songs like "Love Like That" and the infectious, call-and-response number "Nothing to Me."
Standouts like "Whoa" and "I Didn't Mean to Fall in Love" showcase Aalegra's sweet, heartwarming vocals, while tracks like "Toronto" (produced by Daniel Caesar affiliates Matthew Burnett and Riley Bell), and "Njoy" give the album an ethereal sexiness.
From Stevie Wonder's endearing melodies to Amy Winehouse's tortured growls, Aalegra channels the artists she has cited as influences, without diluting her own vocal identity. Even if emoting isn't really your thing, Aalegra's latest effort does not disappoint.

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