Snailhouse "I Never Woke Up" (video)

Snailhouse 'I Never Woke Up' (video)
You ever have one of those dreams where you're standing in front of the most gorgeous scenic settings, but you can't even enjoy it because, well, you don't have eyes? That's the basic premise of Snailhouse's new video for the Sentimental Gentleman track "I Never Woke Up."

The Jared Raab/Lindsay MacKay-directed clip was filmed in and around California's Joshua Tree National Park, and it finds a headless figure in pajamas making its way around the desert locale. The figure does, however, occasionally sport a diamond-shape above its shoulders, which screens some juxtaposing watery visuals. Eerily, it still seems to stare at all the sights from a series of crags or rundown structures before tipping over at the end of the video.