Smut Peddlers Porn Again

With the exception of Kool Keith's Sex Styles, sex in hip-hop has been disappointing recently. Pioneers like 2 Live Crew and Too Short fell off a long time ago. Fortunately, High & Mighty members Mr Eon and Mighty Mi have teamed with Cage to create the Smut Peddlers. Their debut full-length takes advantage of the superb chemistry the trio displayed on "In-Outs," from the High & Mighty's Home Field Advantage. Mighty Mi's funky, stripped down beats are even better this time up, bumping so that underground heads will get open at clubs; if the DJs are smart enough to spin it. Vocally, Mr Eon's slower, old school-influenced rhymes and bass-y voice greatly complements Cage's excessive, fast-paced and high-pitched vocals. And, considering the subject matter has been done to death, Cage and Eon more than capably create sex rhymes from a unique perspective. While the subject matter means unlikely commercial success, rhymes like Cage's "If you see me with a little pop jingle, shoot me in the back of the head and feed me to my starving brethrens," from "That Smut," expresses a total disregard for that route. Instead, the Smut Peddlers have created a hit underground album with guest appearances from icons like Kool G Rap (on the remake of his classic track "Talk Like Sex Part II") and abstract sexpert Kool Keith ("Stank MC's"), along with underground associates Copywrite ("Anti Heros") and RA the Rugged Man; who gets crustified on "Bottom Feeders," in addition to directing the very funny triple-X video for the song. Now say it with me: "I'm Porn Again." (Rawkus)