Smut Peddlers Coming Out

This album starts off a little more on the heavy side for a beach punk band. The songs are not always distinguishable from one another and the listener’s attention span might wander during the first few tracks. But the rocking and rolling piano that is introduced on "Dead End” brings focus back to the album. You might not want to listen too hard, though. The clichéd lyrics merit a couple of yawns, like "Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen,” and the questionable angst-ridden, teenage phrase of "fuck the world” which surfaces in "F.T.W.” But the Smut Peddlers are far off from their teen years, leaving you wonder if their lyrics should have matured during their 11 years or if the band’s creativity is receding after so long. Musically, this album does pick up and it can get pretty fun, but it would work best as background noise at a party with a case of beer and a bunch of your loudest friends. (TKO)