Smashing Pumpkins "Fame" (David Bowie cover ft. Die Antwoord's Ninja) (live video)

Smashing Pumpkins 'Fame' (David Bowie cover ft. Die Antwoord's Ninja) (live video)
Ready to feel real Low? Last weekend, Smashing Pumpkins played a show in Paris that not only covered the band's catalogue, but tackled David Bowie's "Fame" with Die Antwoord's Ninja filling in the John Lennon spot. It's just as mind-boggling as you'd expect, and a video for the performance has surfaced online.

Rather than roll out the plastic funk sound of the original, the Pumpkins give this a bit of a bro-rock re-imagining full of lunk-headed riffs and powerful drum pummelling, the latter courtesy of Rage Against the Machine drummer Brad Wilk.

Billy Corgan lumbers around the stage at times as he crunches out numbing staccato chords, but also gives the crowd a sinewy impression of the Thin White Duke. When not whipping around his rat tail, the dapper Ninja delivers Lennon's famous mid-song freestyle about "Niggas in Paris" and the proficiency of the Pumpkins' latest percussionist. At least, we think that's how it went.

"Check the motherfuckin' drummer get wicked," he spits. Truer words have been spoken.

You'll find the gong show down below.

Thanks to Consequence of Sound for the heads-up.