Smash Mouth Made a Song with Kool Keith and Run-DMC's DMC

Watch the video for "Unity" now

BY Josiah HughesPublished Nov 1, 2018

Smash Mouth's music has been remixed, reworked and revitalized by the internet over the years via a dizzying array of mashups and other bizarre projects. But why can't they get in on some of the fun themselves? The California crew have done just that by dropping a brand new rap-rock song to close out 2018 in style.

For the new single "Unity," Smash Mouth have assembled an all-star team for the new song, pairing their sun-kissed grooves with guests Kool Keith and DMC of the legendary Run-DMC rap group.

After linking up with Keith on Twitter, Smash Mouth's Greg Camp hoped for one more ingredient in the musical ménage à trois. As such, he reached out to a rap legend, sending a rough cut of "Unity" to DMC.

"I received a phone call," Camp explains. "It was Thanksgiving and I was driving on I-5 Freeway. The caller I.D. read DMC. 'Uh…hello..?' On the other end of the phone Darryl said, 'YO! THIS SH*T IS CRAZY.' I'm sure he said something cooler than that but all I remember is pulling my car off to the side of the road and taking a deep breath thinking, DMC just called me on Thanksgiving!"

The end result of their collaboration is certainly something fans of unique crossovers will give thanks for. "Unity" has arrived in the form of a music video directed by avant-garde filmmaker Mike Davis. Watch the video below.

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