​Smash Boom Pow Rifflandia, Victoria BC, September 14

​Smash Boom Pow Rifflandia, Victoria BC, September 14
Photo: Kim Jay
Vancouver gritty pop-rock duo Smash Boom Pow, plus a third touring member on bass, took to the Anián Yard stage on Rifflandia's opening night (September 14), the cozy courtyard space the seemingly ideal venue to host the young alt-rockers, but their big sound was whittled down, compressed to fit the confines of the outdoor venue and crowd.
What came through pretty quickly was hesitation above all else, a timid reluctance that thankfully began to burn off midway through as the band found their footing. Although one of their biggest hits, "A Girl," fell flat as one of their opening tracks (due largely to a lack of energy), the show slowly picked up as Smash Boom Pow wound their way through their set. That said, outside of drummer Zane Coppard actually playing like he was at a rock show, it was an emotionless-seeming set that left something to be desired.

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