Slow Club "Beginners" (starring Daniel Radcliffe) (video)

Slow Club 'Beginners' (starring Daniel Radcliffe) (video)
Slow Club have found some success with their folksy brand of indie pop, but the British duo aren't exactly what you'd call mega-stars. Still, that didn't stop them from landing an insanely famous celebrity to appear in their latest video, as Harry Potter actor Daniel Radcliffe pops up in the clip for "Beginners" from last year's Paradise.

The clip is a simple one-shot affair that shows an inebriated-looking Radcliffe passed out on table in an empty pub. He rouses himself and lip-syncs for the camera while walking around the room and having a mini meltdown before downing a couple more drinks and falling over.

Despite the actor's rather gaudy choice of shirt, it's an impressively impassioned performance. From this treatment, we can only conclude that Radcliffe genuinely is a fan of the tune.