Sloan's Chris Murphy Struck by Drunk Driver in Hit and Run

Sloan's Chris Murphy Struck by Drunk Driver in Hit and Run
In an unfortunate turn of events, Sloan bassist and Canadian rock icon Chris Murphy has been injured as the result of a hit and run involving a drunk driver. Now recovering at home, Murphy was released from the hospital with a broken collarbone on Saturday (July 25).

Halifax newspaper The Coast [via CBC Radio 3] points to the band's official statement, which reads:

"Chris is recovering at home having being released from the hospital on Saturday morning. The impact resulted in a broken collarbone and an assortment of cuts and bruises. We're confident that he will have a full recovery and he has not sustained any critical injuries. Witnesses were able to report the license number and model of the vehicle, and police are now investigating."

Sloan have been giving updates to the situation on their Twitter, pointing out the Murphy will require surgery next week, and urging fans to "kick a drunk driver in the face."

The band were scheduled to play at Halifax's Citadel Hall on Sunday (August 2), and the show will go ahead as planned, but Murphy will stay away from the bass and stick to vocals only.