Slim Twig

"Cannabis" (Serge Gainsbourg cover)

BY Gregory AdamsPublished Apr 20, 2015

You guys like "Cannabis"? By which we obviously mean the old Serge Gainsbourg song? Well, Toronto's Slim Twig sure does, and he's blazing it up on this very special 4/20 with a cover of the French singer-songwriter's pot-puffing rock instrumental.

The song, which was the theme to a 1970 film starring Gainsbourg and then-lover/collaborator Jane Birkin, is given a pretty on-the-nose treatment in Twig's fiery redo. Ganja-informed glam filters through the speakers, with Twig burning it up on the guitar and U.S. Girl's Meg Rehmy adding a few smoky vocal textures. As if he tied a couple Zig-Zags together, the piece is presented in a much more extended form than Gainsbourg's.

You can stream the track and cop a download for the price of an email here, or order a 7-inch that comes housed in a pot leaf-flecked sleeve via DFA.

Twig, meanwhile, also used the occasion to note that he has a new album due out in July. Though details on the record are, ahem, slim, the new songs are apparently pretty stoned-out.

He said in a statement:

Happy 4/20. We've had a few pass by without a hint of any new Twig to pack pipe with. Not that the pot holiday has been synonymous with my work, but I've had an obsession these past few years trying to engineer tunes that might emulate the tactile engagement we feel with music when stoned, without having to spark up (not that it'll hurt in any case). Today is as good a day as any to let you know those experiments will be released on DFA this year.

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