​Sleigh Bells Reveal 'Jessica Rabbit' LP

​Sleigh Bells Reveal 'Jessica Rabbit' LP
Sleigh Bells roped Demi Lovato into a legal battle earlier this week, claiming that the pop star lifted elements of "Infinity Guitars" on her Confident cut "Stars." But despite the copyright drama, the band are charging ahead and have revealed plans for their next all-original full-length.
Following up teaser singles "Rule Number One" and "Hyper Dark," Sleigh Bells have announced that their next LP will be titled Jessica Rabbit, and it will arrive on November 11 via Lucky Number.
According to the 14-song tracklisting, the new record won't include last year's "Champions of Unrestricted Beauty." You can see everything that did make the cut listed below, while the album artwork is pictured above.

Jessica Rabbit marks the New York duo's follow-up to 2013's Bitter Rivals.
Jessica Rabbit:
1. It's Just Us Now
2. Torn Clean
3. Lightning Turns Sawdust Gold
4. I Can't Stand You Anymore
5. Crucible
6. Loyal For
7. I Can Only Stare
8. Throw Me Down The Stairs
9. Unlimited Dark Paths
10. I Know Not To Count On You
11. Rule Number One
12. Baptism By Fire
13. Hyper Dark
14. As If