Sleigh Bells Announce 'Reign of Terror'

Sleigh Bells Announce 'Reign of Terror'
Sleigh Bells have just unveiled a trailer for their sophomore album Reign of Terror, and if the tweeted clip is to be believed, it sounds as intense as the band hinted it would be last spring.

Way back in May, Sleigh Bells guitarist/producer Derek E. Miller insisted that "Emotionally, it's a really heavy record," while singer Alexis Krauss cosigned her cohort's comments, adding, "Even the early demos that we have now, a lot of the stuff that Derek has recorded sounds more immense, to me."

While there's some playful footage to be found, the montage includes rockin' concert clips and backstage shenanigans involving skull masks, Krauss seems pretty serious and stone-faced as she brushes her hair throughout the vid. The music that scores the video is fairly ominous too, with a minor-chord melody driven by distorted metal guitar juts and moody synth swells.

Neither a tracklisting nor a release date has been delivered just yet for Reign of Terror.

Sleigh Bells - Reign of Terror from Mom+Pop on Vimeo.