Sled Island Set to Return in 2014

Sled Island Set to Return in 2014
The devastating floods that forced the cancellation of Calgary's Sled Island festival last June, as well as the financial repercussions left in their wake, threatened to put the future of the event in jeopardy, but organizers have confirmed that the fest will return in 2014.

A press release from the Sled Island team confirms that the next edition will take place across the city June 18 to 22.

As previously reported, Sled Island had said it could lose upwards of $200,000 because of non-refundable expenses like artist, marketing, rental and production fees for the shows that took place before the natural disaster cancelled the event, as well as non-refundable deposits and travel expenses.

A key part to Sled Island's return is the "overwhelming support" of pass holders who opted out of a full refund. According to the fest, nearly 70 percent of pass holders chose to invest their money into the Sled Island Relief Fund, with their donations described as "an investment in the development of arts and culture in Calgary and across Canada."

"This strong and humbling show of support is the clearest signal to date of the incredible and growing community that exists behind Sled Island," organizers said in a statement. "We've always said Sled Island has the greatest festival community in the world and this claim rang loud and clear during the festival's greatest challenge."

Sled Island also thanked the support from the Calgary Hotel Association and Calgary Arts Development Authority (CADA) via the Remarkable Experience Accelerator program, as well as Heritage Canada's commitment to the event through the Building Communities Through Arts And Heritage program, among others.

Venue and artist specifics of Sled Island 2014 are expected to be announced next year.