Skye Wallace "Blood Moon" / "Mean Song 2" (videos)

Skye Wallace 'Blood Moon' / 'Mean Song 2' (videos)
Lining up eerily well with the arrival of Halloween, Vancouver songstress Skye Wallace will unleash a new album titled Something Wicked on October 29. Before the album arrives in its entirety, though, you can get a glimpse at two new tracks from the forthcoming LP and their accompanying music videos.
The album was recorded with producer Jim Bryson and offers up two distinct styles of storytelling on Side A and Side B. The first half bursts out of the gate with intense, catchy and upbeat numbers like "Blood Moon," while the flip side takes things in a darker direction with softer, slower vibes like those heard on "Mean Song 2."
Throughout the entire album, Wallace exudes a punk rock attitude atop folk-based foundations, sprinkling in influences from genres as wide-ranging as '60s psych, doo-wop and good ol' country.
Her unique sound has now been matched with equally eccentric and captivating video clips. "Blood Moon" is awash in blood-red lighting as a witch-like woman casts a spell over Wallace. "Mean Song 2" picks up where "Blood Moon" leaves off, finding the singer waking up next to the witch, who has seemingly been robbed of her powers. Wallace and a couple of accomplices indulge in pizza and tarot readings before dressing up the witch and taking a round of selfies with her.
Get in on the spooky fun by watching the videos for "Blood Moon" and "Mean Song 2" below. The videos were both filmed, edited and directed by Megan Magdalena.