Skeletonwitch Beyond the Permafrost

With the recent heavy metal renaissance of appreciation for all things classic thrash, Ohio’s Skeletonwitch already have a market to appeal to. With a sound that harkens back to the heyday of Bay area thrash, Skeletonwitch can best be compared to fellow old school lovers 3 Inches of Blood. The main difference is Skeletonwitch’s more frequent use of Jeff Walker-styled growls and the absence of the high-pitched vocals that turn many a metal head away from 3 Inches of Blood. There are also a few slight touches of Viking and black metal elements on Beyond the Permafrost that contribute greatly to the enjoyment of this band. Combining the squealing riffs with some more frostbitten Amon Amarth-ish gloom is a great little addition that will certainly do well to separate Skeletonwith from the glut of the modern metal masses. This is one of those bands that need to get on the backs of a bigger band and blow them off the stage when they open for them on tour. Because, if their live show slays as much as their studio material, they’ll surely ascend to the ranks of the thrash gods in the future. (Prosthetic)