Six Organs of Admittance Compathia

Although he has recently joined California psyche-out unit Comets on Fire, guitarist Ben Chansy continues to record and play live under the Six Organs of Admittance moniker. Decidedly more subdued than the all-out rock of Comets, Chansy’s Six Organs releases fall into acid-folk territory. Compathia, mostly a solo effort recorded to four-track, sees the guitarist add percussion, bells, electronics and tape loops to his acoustic and electric guitar-based compositions. With double-tracked vocals on most songs, the songs have a definite Eastern feel to them, with certain songs ("Run!,” "Somewhere Between”) taking on almost raga-like qualities. While most compositions do contain vocals, his instrumental prowess still shines through brightly, perhaps nowhere more than on the stark interlude piece for which the album is titled. Well worth searching out. (Holy Mountain)