Six Feet Under True Carnage

This is unfathomably Six Feet Under's fourth full-length and no surprises are pulled out of the hat. Six Feet Under manufactures boring death metal, which is made all the more mundane by the exhausting fact that the band has released the same album three times already, plus the fact that singer Chris Barnes released extremely similar albums with his last band, the inextinguishable Cannibal Corpse. Not to mention that this genre was overpopulated and left for dead in 1993 by those searching for new and exciting sounds. Yes, it's "extreme" stuff indeed, sort of like Merzbow or radio static: one long monotonous belch, voice, guitars, bass and drums becoming one liquidated bulp of tar that slowly envelopes you until you can't move, think or care. You just want it to end so you can get on with your life, or judging from the maniacal success of anything Barnes pukes up, listen to it again. (Metal Blade)