Six Feet Under 13

I tried, I swear to the metal gods above, but I just don’t get why this band is so popular. I mean, I must be in the minority here as the press seems to love them, and they put out new releases constantly so I’m assuming someone’s buying them. But as this disc proves once again, all Six Feet Under are capable of is incredibly predictable death metal. Clearly they’re not here to break new ground, but just sinking in the muck of simplistic demo-level death metal is so incredibly boring I can barely bring myself to listen to the damn thing once, never mind spend time getting to know it. I realise and understand there’s a divide here between the idea of enjoying music that’s comfortable and music that’s not, and SFU are kings of comfort, but still not quite rulers of their domain. People go nuts over it and I’m left scratching my head as always; eight months from now it’ll happen all over again. (Metal Blade)