Sink Usual Cerex

Usual Cerex is yet another fine example of the burgeoning electronic scene in France, specifically in Le Bourg, where some high-quality work is being put together. Usual Cerex is both paradoxically pop and abstract, yet is also well-polished electro/IDM music in the vein of Arovane, Phonem and Richard Devine, but imbued with Oval-esque glitches and a good dose of Atari/ColecoVision sounds. Like Arovane, Phonem and Richard Devine, Sink often uses nimble bass lines besides just keyboards to define melody, consequently it is the binding thread that holds the breaks, cuts and static noise together. Some of the electro and beat arrangements remind me of Afrika Bambaataa tunes of the '70s, or Whodini tracks of the '80s, but at a much quicker boogaloo pace. Admittedly, Sink, aka Yann Delmas, has not broken any new sonic ground in electronic music, rather he ambitiously tries to integrate several different styles for this evocative album. The result is a well-polished and full-sounding recording with dense musical arrangements. (Arbouse)