Sinamore A New Day

In line with the dark rock of fellow countrymen H.I.M., Entwine, Rapture and late-era Sentenced among others, Sinamore’s first record offers up an especially Finnish flavour of depression-drenched rock’n’roll. A New Day bears hints of current commercial hard rock but for the most part escapes that whirlpool of drudgery with its affecting, if morbid, delivery. "Drama for Two” is a particular gem, revealing a taste of doom and death metal that nicely counteracts the more radio-friendly touches and culminates a sense of British-tinged gloom (along the lines of Thine) that permeates the entire album. Sinamore’s rhythm section grounds most of the songs with a chugging heaviness, offset here and there by higher pitched riffs or airy harmonies, while front-man Mikko Heikkilä’s penetrating voice sews it all together. Though it does resonate dejection, A New Day somehow ends up more stirring than anguished, easily more pleasure than pain. (Napalm)