​Simple Plan Drummer Loses 'Canada Reads' Battle

​Simple Plan Drummer Loses 'Canada Reads' Battle
CBC's annual Canada Reads faceoff took place this week, and Simple Plan drummer Chuck Comeau finished second place for defending Homes by Abu Bakr al Rabeeah and Winnie Yeung.
After a hard-fought battle, Comeau came runner-up to Ziya Tong, who won by defending By Chance Alone by Max Eisen.
The panel placed five books against each other, each defended by their own champion; Lisa Ray, Yanic Truesdale (of Gilmore Girls fame) and Joe Zee rounded out the list of defenders, who went to bat for Brother by David Chariand, Suzanne by Anaïs Barbeau-Lavalette and The Woo-Woo by Lindsay Wong, respectively.
Ultimately, Tong's passionate defence of Eisen's memoir about his family's experience at Auschwitz during the Holocaust earned the win with a 3-2 vote earlier today.
Comeau's choice, Homes, tells the story of a young teen leaving the Middle East and finding safety in Canada. It made it to the final elimination before losing by a single vote.
Watch the Ali Hassan-hosted finale debate below.