Silverstein Look Back with New Album 'Redux: The First 10 Years'

The LP will contain new recordings of old songs

BY Brock ThiessenPublished Feb 18, 2019

Silverstein are once again looking back on their career, but instead of another anniversary tour, this time they are releasing a celebratory new album.

The long-running Canadian band have announced Redux: The First 10 Years, which will arrive on April 12.

Silverstein singer Shane Told explained the concept of the new album with the following statement:

The goal was to update the recordings and make them sound the best they can — not change the songs from what has made them resonate with people for so long. You're going to hear the clarity and dynamics in a new way, but the magic of the original songs is kept intact. It's going to be fun for fans to crank these up and really hear the songs the way they were meant to be heard.

We chose the songs that we thought needed the most in terms of a sound update, and also which songs have spoken to our fans the most. Re-recording "Bleeds No More," a song I wrote in my bedroom 17 years ago, was a very cool experience as well, as was remembering the entire "Discovering the Waterfront" recording experience.

Guitarist Paul Marc Rousseau added: "These updated versions breathe new life into songs I've loved for as long as I can remember. Our goal was to put some polish on old performances while staying faithful to the original arrangements, and though it was challenging deciphering some of the forgotten and buried parts. I had a great time doing it."

You can pre-order the album in various bundles over here, while you can see the tracklist below.

Silverstein's last album was 2017's Dead Reflection. Last year, the band took their debut full-length When Broken Is Easily Fixed on a 15th anniversary tour.

Redux: The First 10 Years:

1. Smashed Into Pieces

2. Smile In Your Sleep

3. American Dream

4. Bleeds No More

5. My Heroine

6. Vices

7. Your Sword vs My Dagger

8. If You Could See Into My Soul

9. Giving Up

10. Still Dreaming (Acoustic)

11. Red Light Pledge

12. Call It Karma

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