Silverstein "The Continual Condition" (video)

Silverstein 'The Continual Condition' (video)
Screamo mainstays Silverstein have just issued what may well be the best PSA for anyone currently contemplating a career in cheating the underground gambling circuit. Lest you want to end up with a fist in your face and a bullet in your chest, you'd better watch the band's new video for I Am Alive in Everything I Touch's "The Continual Condition."

The video finds the act taking a bit of a breather from their regular onstage duties to undertake a shady game of cards in a warehouse. While the Silverstein crew think it's totally cool with sliding a couple extra kings up your shirt sleeve, they quickly learn that their hosts like to play things by the books.

What follows is a shoot-em-up scenario, with the injuries incurred eventually impacting the band's performance style.

You'll find the bloodied-up results down below.

Silverstein are currently in the midst of touring North America, with shows in Barrie and Kitchener taking place early next month. You'll find the full details of their show schedule over here.