Pixies "Silver Snail" (video)

Pixies 'Silver Snail' (video)
Pixies get plenty bizarre with the visuals for their latest Indie Cindy single, bringing out masked weirdoes and the sounds of "Silver Snail" to accompany one man's tortured, epic journey.

Not quite lining up with Black Francis' lines about being "alone with a loaded gun," the video instead finds a half-dressed man's Sisyphean struggle as he drags a burlap sack across snowy plains and is followed by a pack of ghouls. Later, it's assumed his task was not completed properly, as he gets tied up by a mossy executor, whom it's revealed has a trek of his own to endure as the track winds down.

It's a rather surreal "here comes the new boss, same as the old boss" kind of situation, and you can peep the cyclical narrative down below.