Silkworm Lifestyle

Not coincidentally, this band's best album is six years old, because their sound is too - post punk that was mastered by Pavement and rehashed a million times. After a decade in the biz, they are in their element as a hard rocking trio, laying down solid, well stated tracks. You can dig "Treat the New Guy Right" and "YR Web" for being the appropriate ratio of ride in the drums, propagation of the bass, twinkling keys, alternately chiming and grinding guitars, and the worldly wise lyrics. It's amusing that about halfway through, as one wonders if this album is going somewhere worthwhile or not, we come upon "That's Entertainment." Andy Cohen proclaims, "Never in our lives have we ever been so entertained." I guess he was watching some real life TV during the recording sessions, because he certainly isn't making a reference to Lifestyle. In Andy's own contemptuous singing style all things are understood: "Keep away from me, I'll keep away from you." You said it mister. (Touch and Go)