Sic Alps "My My Lai" (video)

Sic Alps 'My My Lai' (video)
California lo-fi rockers Sic Alps are gearing up to release Napa Asylum, the follow-up to their burnt out garage pop classic U.S. EZ, next week. To tide us over and give us a taste of what's to come, their label home of Drag City has offered up a music video for the new album cut "My My Lai."

Just 93 seconds in length, the track is over quickly, but that doesn't stop it from unfolding slowly. Opening with echoed room noise, the actual music kicks in around the 15-second mark, where mumbled vocals and meandering guitars build a loose melody out of reverby chaos. On its own, "My My Lai" is a quietly jarring listen, but it's just one piece of Napa Asylum's 22-track tapestry.

 Suitably, the "My My Lai" video is equally disorienting as shaky close-ups of flashing lights interpret the sporadic instrumentation of the track.

Check out the "My My Lai" video below and pick up Napa Asylum when it's released on January 25.