Sia "Push (Feeling Good on a Wednesday)" ('South Park' Lorde parody)

Sia 'Push (Feeling Good on a Wednesday)' ('South Park' Lorde parody)
The current season of South Park has given us a number of mind-exploding reveals already, with perhaps the biggest of them all being that New Zealand pop star Lorde is actually the show's middle-aged geologist, Randy Marsh, in drag.

While the character's ProTools wizardry and bathroom-penned lyrics are obviously a joke, his "Push (Feeling Good on a Wednesday)" still kinda sounds like the "Royals" vocalist. Making things even odder, it's been revealed that the parody single was reportedly sung by Sia, and you can download it now for free.

The cut is pretty damn inspirational, using a blanket of synths, big beats and a series of lines subverting the "twisted, broken, fractured" interpretations and requests to "unload the car."

Though it contains a lot of lines stating "I am Lorde, yeah, yeah yeah," you can hear the Sia-sung parody down below, or download it for free through the South Park Twitter feed.