Show Me Action Show Me Action

Show Me Action play a style that sounds like a combination of Braid and the Beatsteaks, and while they never quite reach the quality of the aforementioned groups, they still manage to make something rather enjoyable. Singer Jack Tangney combines just the right amount of emotion, energy and talent to make the record sound vibrant, while the guitarists Alex Lipton and Danny Rocco create enough interesting moments to assure that the album doesn’t ever sound stagnant (most notably on album opener "Take It” and album closer "Up In Arms”). As well, the rhythm section of Jack Donoghue (drums) and Pete McGaughey (bass) keep the band moving along at an attention-grabbing pace. Songs like "Veins Like Highways” will jump between ballad-like moments and Samiam-inspired poppy parts, further demonstrating this band’s diversity. Show Me Action are at their best when they’re not succumbing to arty vocal effects but instead opt to push forward with more up-tempo songs. (Independent)