The Shondes

The Red Sea

BY Liz WorthPublished Jan 22, 2008

This is an album that spills out in heavy layers, piling powerful vocals and muscular arrangements on top of each other until its seems like the end result just might crush you, but there’s no way you’d ever want to turn away from it all. Thanks to a die-hard tour schedule, the Shondes garnered a substantial buzz before releasing their debut The Red Sea. Being hailed for their riot grrl approach to political songwriting and speculated as being the next Sleater-Kinney, the Shondes have firmly established their footing as a band to watch out for in 2008, and they’ve done it all on their own. The Red Sea lives up to the hype and beyond. It’s a perfect album from beginning to end, one full of brilliant textures and resolute melodies. Don’t be afraid to get on the bandwagon, because this is not just another buzz band.

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