Ship Thieves

No Anchor

BY Mark LaffinPublished Jan 29, 2016

The title of Chris Wollard's new Ship Thieves album, No Anchor, is as appropriate as it is a misnomer. The sound here is nothing like their very folk tinged self-titled debut here — it seems like the band are making a statement that their past forays into acoustic-led dirges were a temporary distraction, and are returning with an obviously punk-driven rallying call. However, we do hear the band throwing the proverbial anchor down into well-treaded waters, which will sound familiar to those acquainted with Wollard's past projects.
These songs evoke those of Hot Water Music or Draft, and this album effectively picks up where these projects left off with its muscular, power-chord grooves, armed with a multi-layered guitar attack and an army of snaky guitar leads that ring throughout. The sound is gritty, with commanding rhythms that sweat a blue collar work ethic that fans will have come to expect from these guys.
No Anchor is assertive and focused, and finds the band reclaiming comfortable territory. And while the hooks don't always immediately grip the listener, they sink in over time. It's a good sign: Ship Thieves are clearly digging back into the sound they do best.
(No Idea)

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