Shindig The Beginning of the End

Sounds like Asphalt, who sounds like Steel Train, who sounds like Plain White T’s, who tries to sound like the Movielife but comes off sounding like Home Grown who sounds like Shindig. There are a lot of not-so-successful bands out there right now flogging the same radio-friendly sound; pouty, nasally Corey Hart singers for the new millennium with corresponding instrumentals in which the drummer doesn’t ever have to worry about tennis elbow, that’s for sure. While I can’t imagine how exciting it would be to play this sort of slow-dancing music, they seem to be serious about it. The second track, "You Put the F in Friendship,” is lively… well, up-tempo at least, although the lyrics make me want to cry in anguish from the torture of listening to a three-minute cliché. There are some nice warped guitar effects in "Scarlet” though, but the third track is a Hoobastank breakout-ballad waiting to happen. I don’t know if they’re like the little tag-along brother everybody feels sorry for, but the band tours most of the year and has shared the stage with a number of big names, including Thursday and Mad Caddies. (Undecided)