Shearwater Sign to Sub Pop, Release Live Album

BY Gregory AdamsPublished Apr 25, 2011

Though the last couple of Shearwater records came out on big-time indie label Matador, the orchestral Texan rockers have swapped one reputable imprint for another, as the band have announced that they have signed with Sub Pop.

While not much is known about their debut for the label besides that it's expected to drop sometime early in 2012, a post on Sub Pop's blog has singer Jonathan Meiburg hinting that it might be a bit of a rager.

"We're having trouble taming this one," he said, "but luckily, we don't really want to."

In the meantime, if you are itching for some new Shearwater, the band recently released a live album via Bandcamp. A three-hour show that took place in Austin, TX last January covered the bulk of the thematically linked trilogy of 2006's Palo Santo, 2008's Rook and 2010's The Golden Archipelago, with the outfit now loosing excerpts of the epic concert under the title The Island Arc. You can stream the live album below.

Leader Meiburg has also released a couple new solo tunes. Why I Love My Home (Songs for Charles Burchfield) features tracks "Hymn to the Valences" and "The Moth and the Milky Way," which were recorded for a performance at New York's Whitney Museum at an opening for painter Burchfield. The tunes are also up on Shearwater's Bandcamp page, but are expected to be released sometime soon on vinyl as part of a charity singles series on Graveface Records.

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