Shania Twain May Enlist ABBA's Björn Ulvaeus to Turn Her Songs into a Musical

"Well, listen, I'll probably need some help. You have all this experience now, I may have to call you back on that."

Photo: Louie Banks

BY Megan LaPierrePublished Mar 1, 2023

Mamma Shania! Having already cemented her status as an icon, Shania Twain has been enjoying a delightful renaissance that's showing no signs of letting up. The sky's the limit for this legacy artist, who is now considering taking cues from ABBA's wildly successful venture into musical adaptation — and she'd like to outsource some expertise from the pop supergroup's Björn Ulvaeus to ready her catalogue for the theatre.

Like most sensible people, Twain is a big ABBA fan. She has been for some time: whether or not it's an official sample or just an interpolation, you can't help but hear the similarities between the Queen of Me artist's "C'est La Vie" (from her household staple, 2002's Up!) and "Dancing Queen."

She further gushed about drawing inspiration from the Swedish quartet on a recent episode of Ulvaeus's Apple Music series, Björn from ABBA & Friends Radio.

"I just want to take a second to just say how much ABBA music has inspired me in the sense of broadening my whole... I grew up listening to three-chord songs, very simple, a lot of storytelling," Twain said. "But musically, when I heard ABBA, I'm like, 'This is another planet of arrangements.' And the time signature changes just went to so many unexpected places."

The Canadian icon is set to kick off a massive tour next month, but she also revealed that there's been talk of taking her songs to the stage in an entirely new way.
"There actually is an interest in doing a musical," Twain told Ulvaeus, who encouraged her to give it a go. (After all, it worked out pretty well for ABBA.)

"Well, listen, I'll probably need some help," she added. "You have all this experience now, I may have to call you back on that."

With a Netflix documentary to her name already, a theatrical production definitely feels like the right vehicle to bring the trailblazer's story to life. And imagine the costumes!

Check out the full chat between the two legends below.


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