Kylie Minogue Taps Ian McKellen and ABBA's Björn Ulvaeus to Knit Her Holiday Stage Outfits

"We'll be famous knitting brothers"

BY Ben OkazawaPublished Nov 24, 2023

Not all knights wear armour and wield a sword — Sir Ian McKellen, for one, wears ugly holiday jumpers and brandishes a spool of yarn. Today, in what's become an annual holiday tradition for the Lord of the Rings star, he joined ABBA vocalist and guitarist Björn Ulvaeus for a knitting video. This year, the pair have been tasked with making holiday sweaters for Kylie Minogue and her crew.

The unlikely duo silently stitched away when Ulvaeus got a (clearly staged) phone call from Minogue. 

"I was wondering — I've got my show here in Vegas, it's Christmas time — would you be able to whip up something for the band, all the dancers and myself? It's just, what you've been doing of late, it's just incredible!"

After hanging up, Ulvaeus conferred with McKellen to get his thoughts on the matter. "I'd drop any number of stitches to meet [Kylie]," Mckellen said, wiping a faux tear from his eye. 

"We'll be famous knitting brothers," Ulvaeus confirmed. 

It's hard to tell whether the video, which you can watch below, is just a skit or whether the internet's favourite knitters will actually be putting together a wardrobe for Minogue's team. If it is real, they better get started — the Australian pop star is due to resume her residency at the Venetian on December 8. 

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