Shameboy Heartcore

Belgian glitch rave duo Shameboy’s latest album is as intense and tweaky as their 2006 debut, Hi Lo & In Between. Heartcore consists of ten abstract club cuts designed to put the energy on the dance floor and keep it there. The second track on this disc, "Splend It,” a collaboration between Luuk Cox and partner Dewit, is so completely infectious that it’s destined to become an underground classic. Shameboy blend stomping yet glitchy beats perfectly with deep chord progressions and acid lines that build and build to an explosive climax before diving back down and dirty into pumping bass. The saw tooth wave has never sounded so intense and groovy as in the synth leads that drive Heartcore. For a taste of tech house that’s in line with contemporary dirty electro and just the right amount of epic excitement, Shameboy have got the formula dialled. (Leaf)