Shad Sets Sights on 'Flying Colours' LP

Shad Sets Sights on 'Flying Colours' LP
Canadian rap fave Shad hasn't put out a proper album since 2010's stellar TSOL, and since then he's focused on short-form releases including a collaborative single with Dallas Green, a freebie EP and a mixtape contribution. Now, Shad is finally getting ready for a new full-length, which he reveals is almost complete.

In an email to fans, Shad revealed that the album will be called Flying Colours, writing that the collection is "is thiiiis close (*squinting, fingers close together*) to being all wrapped up."

He added that the album is thematically diverse, but largely focuses on success and failure. Inspirations for the disc include, "Kyle Mooney, Kanye West, Kendrick Lamar, Eli Stone, Queen/Spadina, Grandview Calvary Baptist Church, my friends, my family, 30 Rock, We Are the City, Tolstoy, good weather, and the idea that trying is worth it even if you fail."

Shad will be participating is a Spreecast this afternoon (March 25) at 5:45 p.m. EDT, so don't be surprised if the rapper shares a bit more information about the album at that time.

Scroll past his upcoming tour dates, most of which are in Europe, to hear "Raw," which is Shad's aforementioned contribution to J. Period's recent mixtape.

Tour dates:

4/3 Strasbour, France - Fat Black
4/4 Cologne, Germany - Subway
4/5 Rennes, France - Dooinit Festival
4/8 Berlin, Germany - Club Bohannon
4/10 Hamburg, Germany - Klubsen
5/24-27 George, WA - Sasquatch! Festival