Shackleton Launches New Woe to the Septic Heart Imprint

Shackleton Launches New Woe to the Septic Heart Imprint
There's no question that UK-based dubstep innovator Shackleton stays busy, but it's not always through the standard album, tour, album cycle that most artists tend towards. The artist recently dropped a mix for Fabric and is following it up with the announcement of a brand new label.

The imprint is called Woe to the Septic Heart and will document Shackleton's production work. The label's inaugural release will be a three-track twelve-inch called Man on a String Part 1 and 2, which includes the title track on the A-side and "Bastard Spirit" on the flip. For those interested in how the album sounds, Boomkat sums it up nicely in their product review:

It's become a noticeable trend that when Shackleton produces for other labels he tends to adjust ever so slightly towards their aesthetic, but Septic is clearly the place to go for the most esoteric, personal strains of his sound. "Man on a String Parts 1 and 2" maps out a florid jungle scene populated with telepathic drum circles and spiraling sequences of melodica-like tones organized in ritual formations over a sprawling ten-minute duration. By contrast, "Bastard Spirit" is like the evil character lurking in the undergrowth, beating a super slow martial bass tattoo with groovesome swagger and all of the melody emitted from tilted percussive timbres and the presence of menacing subbass harmonics, all designed to put dancers in a drowsy, hypnagogic state in order to be infiltrated by the titular entities.

Boomkat also has samples of the tracks, which can be streamed here.

The record's sleeve was designed by visual artist Zeke Clough, who did all of the visuals for Shackleton's previous imprint, Skull Disco. Man On A String Part 1 and 2 is available to order now and will ship on Friday (November 12).