Shackleton Preps New Fabric Collection

Shackleton Preps New Fabric Collection
The long-running series of Fabric dance compilations has covered a lot of ground since its inception, and clearly the company is showing no signs of slowing down with the announcement of Shackleton's upcoming offering. Covering a wealth of material from his early dubstepping days, up to current cuts and unreleased tracks from all over his career, the DJ's mix for Fabric, the collection's 55th volume, promises to be a banger.

"I have tried to make a set that would best represent the set I played on [my first] night [at Fabric], but minus the mistakes," Shackleton said in a statement. "Some of the tracks are re-jigged versions of older material, some of them are new. Some of them will never see a release in any form aside from this. Some of them are not even tracks, just coincidental parts merging with each other between tracks. Those are the best bits, actually. I don't expect everyone to like it. I know it is not to everyone's taste."

Shackleton's Fabric mix is set to be released December 6 in the UK.

Thanks to XLR8R for the heads-up.

Fabric 55:

1. "Come Up" [unreleased]

2. "Moon Over Joseph's Burial" [Perlon]

3. "Hypno Angel" [Skull Disco]

4. "Visontele" [unreleased]

5. "Interlude: Blood Rhythm With Wishy Drones" [unreleased]

6. "Operatic Waves" [unreleased]

7. "Closeness to Nature" [unreleased]

8. "Negative Thoughts" [Perlon]

9. "Death Is Not Final" [Skull Disco]

10. "International Fires" [unreleased]

11. "Paper" [Perlon]

12. "Deadman" [unreleased]

13. "Interlude: Point One, Sense It" [unreleased]

14. "Man On A String (Part 1)" [unreleased]

15. "Man On A String (Part 2)" [unreleased]

16. "Ice" [unreleased]

17. "Busted Spirit" [unreleased]

18. "Bottles" [unreleased]

19. "New Dawn" [Skull Disco/ Hotflush]

20. "Something Has Got To Give" [Perlon]

21. "Massacre" [Skull Disco/Hotflush]

22. "Stripped" [unreleased]