Sepultura Under A Pale Grey Sky

It's always questionable when a label releases old live material from a band, especially when it's with old members. If you must release a contractual filler from Sepultura, I guess it's going to be with Max, so here we have it, Under A Pale Grey Sky, the original line-up's last show together. And this material rips too, with the band plowing through mainly Chaos A.D. and Roots material, giving respect where it's due with a couple of old ones and annoyingly creating half-ass "medleys" of some of the tunes they got tired of playing after all those years. The production sounds great - boomy and bass-heavy - and the packaging is minimal but acceptable. It's hard to fully enjoy the concert knowing that the band is on the brink of self-destruction, but this is a passable live album, not mandatory but damn good, thrown at the world by a label that continues to bother most. Best viewed as historical documentation, and not for daily rotation. (Roadrunner)