Senses Fail / Dance Gavin Dance / Sky Eats Airplane / Foxy Shazam Club Infinity, Buffalo, NY November 14

Foxy Shazam quickly quelled the crowd with a typically entertaining and over the top performance. Front-man Eric Sean Nally began by regaling the crowd with stories of his time spent in the Southern states listening to jazz. Transitions from story to song were amazingly smooth and "A Dangerous Man” and "Introducing Foxy” wooed the crowd.

Their soul-filled poppy music with spastic hardcore moments was an amazing way to start the evening especially when Nally performed his trademark lighting five smokes at once, chewing them up and spitting them out while singing.

Things quickly went wrong with Sky Eats Airplane’s set thanks to their unoriginal 8-bit hardcore. SEA’s guitars were difficult to hear leaving only their bass drum to lead the entertaining but lame thrash dancers versus moshers fight.

This left Dance Gavin Dance with a mere 20 minutes, but the Sacramento band were spot on. Unfortunately, not for as long as they should have been and as a result played solely from their self-titled release. Opening with "Alex English” and playing "Buffalo,” an obvious favourite, as well as "Me And Zolof Get Along Just Fine” and closing with "Rock Solid,” DGD were the night’s top musical act, emphasized heavily since they went on after SEA.

Senses Fail were in serious demand before they came of stage, as the crowd were fiending for them. Their set was mainly focused on Life Is Not A Waiting Room, but it did venture into Let It Enfold You and Still Searching, which depicted this band’s great progression from their earliest work. The crowd erupted for "You’re Cute When You Scream” but every song they played was adored. Their upbeat and aggressive stage presence made for a great piece of entertainment and helped relieve any of the night’s less exciting moments.