Senses Fail Still Searching

The second full-length from Senses Fail has seen a change in the boys from New Jersey as they grow up, toughen their skin, and move farther away from their former Drive-Thru Records sound and develop a more post-hardcore sound. Nearly three years since their last release, the addition of a new guitarist and relentless touring, have meant that they’ve begun to employ a fuller sound; shredding on the guitar, crowd sing-along, and a more layered and complex arrangement of sound. Growing up isn’t always easy, and this album is definitely much moodier, which can be seen even in the titles of the tracks, with names like "Can’t Be Saved,” "Every Day is a Struggle” and "Negative Space,” meaning that it’s obvious that this is the outpouring of all the thoughts and emotions that have been swelling around singer Buddy Neilsen’s mind. They slow it down slightly on the final track, "The Priest and The Matador,” but the anger and confusion are even more apparent and pressing but also more vulnerable, and is a track that will reach in and identify with all those who scream that to themselves on the inside but never had the words to let it out. (Vagrant)