Sei A White Rainbow

Adored by Tiga, who's "amazed by the consistent innovation of his tracks," Sei A creates melodic techno that integrates divergent sounds. Hailing from Glasgow's underground, where Sei A works as producer, performer and remixer, second album White Rainbow presents dream-like, fantastical audio. The music explores reciprocal sound terrains of energetic club beats and crunchy underground textures. Both "Flicker" and "Who Dares Wins" ride sweet bass loops that hit a spot in your heart ― the bass coexisting with hypnotic rhythms of a higher pitch. Such tracks are highlights, energetic rarities amongst otherwise brooding and intriguingly danceable explorations of sound. "Body of Eyes" is like a flashback to a bygone trance era of dance floor glory. The track magnificently presents such sounds in a distant, dream-like fashion. Final track "Meth II" is an ominous listen, imagining gorgeous, tired dreams amidst thumping, dangerous beats. A brief number, it closes the album like a fuse shorting out. (Turbo)