The Corn Syrup Conspiracy

BY Erica LeducPublished Feb 1, 2005

This starts off sounding like a hip-hop release then progresses to a sort of jazzy electronic rock. Members of Spearhead and Parliament lend a hand in bringing this opus to life, and for a 72 minute disc it seems to go by in only a fraction of that time. While Seepeoples is an anarchist political band, their message is more of hope than of destruction. Also, as a political band, their lyrics are a central part of their music, but their music is strong enough that the lyrics are not your main focus. Their sound, as well, is more Radiohead than Sex Pistols. They also bring to mind Portishead as much as they do the Clash, which is an example of the wide range of styles interspersed throughout, popping up where you least expect it. This album has elements to it that everyone could enjoy, while not detracting from the disc as a whole.

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