Second and Third Destroyer Albums To Get Vinyl Reissue

Second and Third Destroyer Albums To Get Vinyl Reissue
Nominal Records, the label responsible for the excellent Emergency Room Volume 1 compilation, has announced that it will be continuing to spread its love of Vancouver with two Destroyer reissues. The label will release City of Daughters and Thief, the second and third Destroyer records, on vinyl this month.

In a statement, the label explained its reasoning for the reissues, saying, "The original City of Daughters LP suffered from frequency-related glitches, which caused it to skip on many turntables. The original Thief mix was never satisfying and the LP/CD was shoddily mastered into mono."

The albums have been remixed and mastered by the original production team of Dan Bejar, Dave Carswell and John Collins at JC/DC studios, and their artwork has been reworked to fit on a fancy gatefold jacket. If you're interested, however, don't sleep on it, as the original pressing will only feature 1,026 copies.

City of Daughters tracklisting:

1. "Comments on the World as Will"
2. "No Cease Fires! (Crimes Against the State of Our Love, Baby)"
3. "The Space Race"
4. "Dark Purposes"
5. "Emax I"
6. "I Want This Cyclops"
7. "Loves of a Gnostic"
8. "Emax II"
9. "State of the Union"
10. "School, and the Girls Who Go There"
11. "Melanie and Jennifer and Melanie"
12. "War on Jazz II or How I Learned to Love the War on Jazz"
13. "Emax III"
14. "You Were So Cruel"
15. "Signs"
16. "Rereading the Marble Faun"
17. "Son of the Earth"

Thief tracklisting:

1. "Destroyer's the Temple"
2. "To the Heart of the Sun on the Back of a Vulture, I'll Go"
3. "The Way of Perpetual Roads"
4. "Canadian Lover/Falcon's Escape"
5. "City of Daughters"
6. "Every Christmas"
7. "Mercy (We Had the Right)"
8. "Queen of Languages"
9. "I. H. O. J."
10. "In Dreams"
11. "Death on the Festival Circuit"
12. "M. E. R. C. I."
13. "Thief"