Sebastien Tellier Eyes Sexuality As Possible Porn Soundtrack

Sebastien Tellier Eyes <i>Sexuality</i> As Possible Porn Soundtrack
Parisian pop experimenter Sebastien Tellier has just released his newest piece of work, the one-half-of-Daft-Punk-produced Sexuality, and during an interview with Gigwise mentioned that he is open to his music being used in an adult film — as long as the movie is done tastefully. (Because, y'know, pornographic films are the nexus of refined cinema.)

Sexuality has been described as an album that oozes with sexual grooves and lyrics on sex (well, just look at the cover above), leaving Tellier with good reason to imagine his music as the perfect soundtrack for the right skin flick.

"For me, I have a dream to see a porno made by a nice person, a good person!” he said. "It’s very sad when you see a dirty movie and you can imagine the horrible destiny of the woman and the men are like that [makes a lecherous noise]. I hate the violence. I have no problem with the body, the naked body. The only problem is to imagine the life of these people in dirty adult films - it’s so dirty and it’s not good for me.”

Sebastien Tellier "Sexual Sportswear”