Fresh Produce

BY Eva ZhuPublished Apr 16, 2019

Not much is fresh about Seaway's Fresh Produce, but it's still a pleasure to listen to. If you were hoping for an album chock full of previously unreleased music though, you'll probably be disappointed — the album only contains two new singles, alongside alternate versions of previously released tracks, covers and deep cuts.
"Pleasures" is the newest and catchiest song from the Ontario pop punk heavyweights. The opening guitar riff sets up the album's laidback vibe while the chorus practically begs for a sing-along, opening with the infectious line: "Meet me on an island / on an island far from here."
The alternate versions of "40 Over" and "Lula" are refreshing standouts with their new instrumentation. "40 Over" trades its urgency for a more chilled-out sound, as if someone is serenading their love at a beach party. "Lula" transforms into something you'd blast while walking your dog.
Unfortunately, the three covers and inclusion of the band's 2014 EP, All In My Head, will likely disappoint longtime fans of the band. It's hard not to feel like Seaway could have used this space to include more acoustic versions or some more overlooked material.
That being said, fans who are junkies for rarities and poppier takes on the band's back catalogue will be playing Fresh Produce long into the summer.
(Pure Noise Records)

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