All In My Head

BY Peter SanfilippoPublished Nov 4, 2014

Pop punk isn't a genre every practitioner grows up gracefully in, but for All In My Head, Seaway have tweaked their ratio of pop to punk and have come out with something fresh.

Instead of trying to emulate the sound of their last record, they've put together four songs that skilfully embody the melodic side of their genre. By sanding off some of the sharper edges found on their 2013 record, Hoser, the Oakville quintet have put power-pop sensibilities at the forefront, giving each track smooth four-chord riffs and catchy choruses and, in true pop-punk form, lyrics saturated with the woe of failed romances and jealousy, ready to transport you back into the emo-laden hallways of middle school. If All In My Head is a stepping-stone in their sound, there's something great on the horizon from Seaway.
(New Damage)

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